Wrap Around and In-Home Services

CTA provides an extensive array of clinical and non-clinical wrap-around services for children and youth and their families.  Instead of a “one size fits all” approach, CTA’s wraps are tailored to the strengths and needs of each child and their family.  Services can be as minimal or intensive as needed, with the ability to increase and decrease seamlessly in response to progress and changing needs.  When necessary we can mimic the same level of services found in residential treatment or professional parent settings to a child and family in their own home.

This unique approach promotes continuity for the child and reduces disruption--essentially changing level of care without moving the child over and over.

Our services tailor evidence-based practices the unique needs of each child and family.  Services are focused on promoting permanency and developing and strengthening natural supports in collaboration with the family and the child’s team, and are always person-centered.

For more information about our clinical mental health services, click here.

Some of our wrap around services include:

Wrap around services are available through various funding sources, including the the Division of Child and Family Services, Medicaid, Optum Salt Lake County, the Division of Services for People with Disabilities, and Utah's System of Care.